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CID unavailable if killed with the abduction gun

Discussion in 'Patch Suggestions and Bug Reports' started by Mug, Jan 1, 2016.

  1. Mug



    I've encountered the CID becoming unavailable if killed with the abduction gun bug. Basically he is not available for the rest of the game in the phone menu to be called as a homie after being killed with the abduction gun (I did not even mean to use the gun on him :D ). From what I can see, the bug is mentioned on the SR Wiki but no solution is offered.
    Can someone help me with this, please?

    Thanks in advance for any reply.
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  2. SkaterSaints

    SkaterSaints Pirate

    it happen to me to that it says: CID is down! and i cant call him again
  3. Can confirm, since I'm that person who added the info on the SR Wiki. That was ages ago and I couldn't figure out how exactly I managed to kill him (with abduction gun, obviously), but then reloaded the save with CID still alive and tested almost every weapon, then finally killed him with abduction gun and I couldn't ever call CID after that.

    IIRC if CID becomes hostile to you, he can be killed and called again (correct me if I'm wrong), but if he's friendly and you manage to kill him (i.e. with abduction gun), he just dies and becomes greyed out of the cellphone. It might be an oversight, of course, since you can't normally kill CID (as far as I remember), so the devs didn't bother mess with CID even more.

    It might be possible ("might be" because I've never tested it myself) that he can be called again if you complete a mission which involves CID (like "A Game of Clones" or "Grand Finale"). Feel free to test this out; I also may test it in future.
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  4. Mug


    Thanks for the replies Skater and P610. And what an unexpected surprise, P610, that you were the one who put that little info on the wiki. What happened for me was that I was running around town doing my stuff while also trying to get the homies achievement (although I do not know if CID counts, but I had Kinzie with me so meh why not have CID-and Keith David-tag along as well) and I used the abduction gun thinking that the homies are at a safe distance, but CID was very close to me 'cuz he's fast like that I guess :D. I got a message about CID going away or something and then I figured he would become greyed out for a while (used with it from the past SR games), but at a certain point I couldn't call him back. I didn't tie this fact with the abduction gun however; but I checked the wiki and your valuable info saved me of some frustration on trying to figure out what the hell happened :)
    I haven't yet received the "A game of clones" mission but when I will, I will return with info on whether CID has returned or not.

    Update 1: still haven't gotten to the A game of clones mission, but I did have CID in a cutscene when entering The Broken Shillelagh to rescue Shaundi so I thought I might have gotten him/her/it back, but didn't :( As I am writing this I come to a fearful realization that the A game of clones mission might get broken because of this CID bug; I've seen around the web people complaining that they couldn't start loyalty missions and such because homies were unavailable... oh boy

    Update 2 (8th of January 2016): I just finished "A game of clones" mission and CID is still greyed out in the homies phone menu. Too bad, though I am thankful that this bug does not break the walkthrough. After I finish the game 100% maybe I will install a homies mod or something and bring him back :) I will make a third update with the results if and when I do that.
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  5. Don't bother with cutscenes - it doesn't really matter if CID is unavailable, he'll always appear, plus cutscenes don't trigger any "greyed out" things or similar to these. Your final shot would be "Grand Finale" as it's the last story mission featuring CID as a homie. Loyalty missions information is interesting though - I have already done missions for CID and I have as little time now - probably going to test in some day nevertheless.

    In conclusion, I assume "greyed out during missions" and "greyed out outside missions" are different things - you can't trigger CID to re-appear if you do the mission which greys him out for a period of time - that is why CID didn't become available again.
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  6. [V] Knobby

    [V] Knobby Volition Staff

    Can someone give me a savegame with this broken? I'd like to see the state he is in. I've had some success in getting him to grey, but I want to make sure my hunch is correct. I've never played in this code before and can't find anyone more knowledgeable than me on it at this point. :)
  7. SkaterSaints

    SkaterSaints Pirate

    a least autosave saves the when cid is killed that it says "CID is down" i was using explosion, i kill the CID and he's comes back but if it mess up CID will a grey out forever.
  8. Mug


    Thanks for the replies everyone. Knobby, I will post a save game when I get home. But it will be a save game with a lot of progress done after CID became greyed out; that is, I do not have a save game right after he became greyed out. If this save game won't help you much, I am willing to start a new game and try to repro the issue. It's the least I can do seeing as how you so kindly took an interest in this, and thank you very much.
  9. [V] Knobby

    [V] Knobby Volition Staff

    I don't need that, I just need a save where he is stuck greyed out.
  10. Mug


    I've attached the save game (hope I looked for it in the right location: D:\Steam\...\206420\remote).
    I counted the number of save games I have in-game (not counting the autosave) and I have 21, so I just picked the one which has 21 in its name hoping it's the most recent one (of which I'm sure it has the unavailable CID).
    Many thanks once more for looking into this.

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