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Choose your sprinting attacks (very minor change)

Discussion in 'Guides and Tutorials' started by COCOCOlavanilla, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,
    I was particularly annoyed by the attack animation where the player (while sprinting) performs a knee-breaker to stiff arm on the enemy; I remember always hoping my character would perform a different move, but then get disappointed when he did the one just mentioned. I decided to take a look at some of the files to see if I couldn't just replace it with one of the other moves. Anyways, this may be useful for folks who want to replace any of the sprinting to attack moves.

    Basically go and open the melee.xtbl file with notepad or whatever you like to use (found after extracting the misc_tables.srt2_pc file with Gibbed tools).

    When you have it open do a search (ctrl f) for "<SyncedMove>Sprint Attack" (I included the first part of the tag cause if you only search for "Sprint Attack" you may end up changing the name of the move, and that wont help with what is trying to be accomplished here).

    Here, you can change any of the five front sprinting moves as well as any of the five rear sprinting moves. This is a list of those moves and their corresponding calls:

    Sprint Attack A - Clothesline
    Sprint Attack B - DDT
    Sprint Attack C - Drop Kick
    Sprint Attack D - Bronco Buster
    Sprint Attack E - Knee Jump Thingy...

    Sprint Attack Behind A - Bulldog
    Sprint Attack Behind B - Human Surfboard
    Sprint Attack Behind C - Climb and Elbow
    Sprint Attack Behind D - Jump Over, Turn Around Punch
    Sprint Attack Behind E - Two Handed Bulldog and Pose

    So all you have to do is check from this list which move you would like to replace, do a search for it in melee.xtbl, and then replace the letter. In my case, I replaced "Sprint Attack E" with "Sprint Attack A"

    Remember not to change the "Sprint Attack" that comes after the "<MeleeMove><Name>"
    tag as that's gonna mess things up (I believe).

    After you are done replacing, save the file to your Saints Row the Third directory (don't worry about the original files, as long as you don't save over them, not that you could without repacking, blah, blah....)

    Anyways, I apologize for the wall of text for such a minute change, but I remember lurking around and trying to figure this stuff out just from what was being posted. Oh and if any veterans of this forum would like to correct me in anything I might've said that was wrong or idiotic please do XD I wouldn't want newer guys to have to deal with the same mistakes I did.
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  2. Hey that's pretty cool,i removed the Two handed-bulldog because of the win pose that takes to much time :)

    I was wondering,would it be possible to replace weapons melee with specific running melee moves? like if i do a melee move from behind with the shotgun it'll do the Climb and elbow.
  3. It worked, Thanks! My favourite beatdowns chance's of getting them increased with this little, but useful tutorial were more than sucessfull.
  4. I've been playing with melee.xtbl and I would like to add some input to an existing thread. COCOCOlavanilla, you may add this up top if you want.

    Quick_Kill_A (knife turn-around and kick)
    Quick_Kill_B (knife twist-down and stab)

    MC Homie Finish 1 (4 punches)
    MC Homie Finish 2 (combo with head stomp)
    MC Homie Finish 3 (pull over and head kick)
    MC Homie Finish 4 (trip over and floor punches)

    ak_stand (spin kick nuts)
    ak_move (push down, run over and nuts step)

    bat_stand_behind (nut kick behind)
    bat_stand (nut kick front)

    pistol_stand (trip and hop on nuts)

    Human_Shield_quickkill (snap neck behind)[untested]

    MC Finish 1 Knee (knee face with camera closeup effect)
    MC finish HeadButt (grab and head butt)
    MC finish Life Punch (grab and face punch)

    dual_pistol_stand (trip and back slam on nuts)
    dual_pistol_stand_behind (arm swing to nuts)

    satchel_stand_behind (nut kick behind arms free)

    Below are pretty much the same, and works in an odd way:
    Human_Grab_Away (grab human shield)
    Human_Grab_Away_failed (push victim away)
    Human_Grab_Away_Unarmed (grab human shield)
    Human_Grab_failed (grip and push victim away)
    Human_Grab_failed_luch (push victim away)
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