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Discussion in 'Ask Volition!' started by Knoxx, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. A few of us have been asking this question in other parts of the forum and we still haven't been able to resolve the problem so I'll ask here in hopes one of the Volition staff could answer if for us. Now in Saints row 3, if we wanted to mod the player height we would simply mod the StyleTest_PC(and or) StyleTest_PC_MP2 lines in the character definitions.xtbl. But after fiddling with these lines with Saints Row 4, these lines seem to no longer work for modding the player height. (some modders have been able to increase the player height but have had them go back to the default height over time, while others haven't had any luck with modding the player height at all) Does anyone at Volition know where the player height values are located? And if the player height can be modded at all.
  2. Bump. I would like to know about this, also.
  3. Same, I'm trying to change it to 85% size.
  4. [V] Knobby

    [V] Knobby Volition Staff

    I just talked with Randall and we don't think this has changed between SR3 and SR4. Not sure why you guys are having trouble.
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  5. The thing though, is that it doesn't seems to have any effect or if it's changed, after mission clear or side mission, it seems to revert, but in the character definitions.xtbl it's still not changed.
    Is there something forcing a change?
  6. Indeed if you change the heigh line in styleTest_pc to something very big like 40 or so it works but quickly it shrinks back to defalt size in a few seconds
  7. Wait, are you actually saying there's a way to change your height in SR3 with any intervals you want?

    What the fuck, why didn't I knew about that?
  8. Uzi


    Yes from tiny to very tall. You can make your character too tall though as entering doorways and doing 'work' inside buildings can be a real problem.

    Just to confirm , yes the method we used in SR3 IS NOT working in SR4. It was the first mod I tried other than working with slider adjustment.
  9. Volition should had added a Height Slider at char creation since SR3... like, seriously.
  10. Pretty sure this would cause a lot of issues with cutscenes.

    And yeah I can confirm this method isn't working like it did in SR3, upon loading the save my height is changed, but quickly changes itself back to normal.
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