Can't find NPC textures with tools

Discussion in 'Get Help/Troubleshooting' started by tonyb42, Dec 20, 2019.

  1. Hello. Can anyone provide some advice on how to find NPC textures with SR2 tools because I think I must be doing something wrong or missing another step, file, or tool. I'm trying to get to the in-game textures of NPCs in Saints Row 2 but I'm coming up empty. I've followed the instructions for the sr2pegtool, placing both peg files in one folder but the only PNG images I get are ones like these
    cmbod_teeth+tong_nor.tgn_0.png muscle_nmap01.tgn_0.png cmgla_uglasses03_d.tga_0.png
    The other images are the DDS files, which the instructions say not to use. Where are the in-game texture PNG files that go with the npc? The example npc I am using is the snpc_athlete_male.g_peg_pc/ snpc_athlete_male.peg_pc files. Thanks in advance for the help.
  2. Is this from the always_loaded_char folder? There should be other textures in there as well.
    It should look like this:
  3. I was not able to open that folder using the sr2pegtool or any other I tried. I really hate to be a burden to you, but could you please describe (step by step; tool by tool) what you did to get to these textures? Please provide an example npc so I can follow along. No rush though, because I know we're all still busy with life:D.
  4. I didn't open a specific NPC, I opened always_loaded_char which is the skin for all NPCs.
    Like with any texture you need its .peg_pc and its .g_peg_pc file.
    You will find the .peg_pc file inside "pegs" as usual but the .g_peg_pc file is not inside "textures" like most others but inside "chunks4" instead.
  5. What tools did you use to open this? SR2pegtools? ChunkTools? Something else? Were there other files that you needed with the "always loaded files" in order for it to open?
  6. This is what i have been using. Which version did you use?
  7. I have been using v1220 for all my mods so far.
  8. Ok. that may be my issue. I had been using version 1250. I will try 1220 and get back in touch. Thank again for your patience.

    UPDATE: I tried using the Sr2pegtools v1220 to open always_loaded.g_peg_pc and always_loaded_char.g_peg_pc files (after trying this with v 1250)but they still will not open; nothing is being extracted. Am I supposed to have another file with these or something before they extract?
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  9. All you need is those two files to be in the same folder and then you drag the .peg_pc file onto the sr2pegtool.exe
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