Saints Row 2 Calling all Gentlemen of the Row modders! (SR2 PC update)

[V] IdolNinja

Volition Staff
Rise from your graves!

Word has come down from the powers-that-be to approve adding in some community fixes and tweaks to the upcoming Saints Row 2 PC Steam patch! I am currently reviewing this additional content with Volition Studio Development Director Jim Boone, and I would like to credit everyone appropriately in the official in-game credits.

Here is a list of GotR modders from the old days that I would like to touch base with to determine how their names should be displayed. (For example I use Mike "IdolNinja" Watson for mine.) Some of you I have spoken with already on this (if so, you can safely ignore) :
Echo Zeero
Public Enema
Shambler Saint
Brand Newb

Here's your shot at immortality, as we all know Saints Row 2 will live forever as a shining beacon of open world gameplay in our hearts, and those of future generations. If I do not hear from someone on this list, they will simply go into the credits with their above nick as-is.

Also, I'm not quite ready to talk about what improvements are being considered just yet, as that is all currently under discussion.

Feel free to contact me:
Did I somehow overlook you, and you expected to see your name above? Most likely just an oversight. Please do let me know.

This is our time now. Let's get this shit started.
Feel free to use my Customizable Heli Mod, maybe something can be done from the engine side of things haha to allow a better way to implement it, and to improve it, such as block the cutscene heli's from being modified, and the only have the ufo have the main two paint covers for top and bottom, But all I did was remove the vehicle customize trigger from the triggers/xtbl or something like that and manually added the triggers with a message for cars and such, whereas heli's couldn't have that prompt since it blocked heli's from being modified. or in all just create a custom trigger that directly allows heli customization, idk, I understand if this isn't a needed feature, just thought I would throw it up anyways, regardless Thank you for fixing the pc port!
Hiya guys! I've been away a while, and I can't believe SR2 is coming back and being fixed! Some of us parted ways, so if any of you are still here (foamcup and others) just know that I never held grudges. I'm a nice guy and life is too short! I loved my time here and hope things can go back the way they were. We were a great team, and got a shitload of stuff fixed and improved!