Call Us, Volition ;)

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  1. The Pitch: A single player (With optional 4-player co-op) story driven game that's set in the Saints Row franchise, that see's you, the "Kid" enter a new era of crime, and absurdity.

    In the first installment you were given no choice but to be a Saint... In this project however, YOU as the player,
    get to choose what colors you want to represent.

    Choose from 13 detailed gangs, you would be interested in, gain their trust, rise to the top, or betray them altogether... Whatever you do, watch your back, and have fun! This is a video game after all.

    Saints Row has always been about what you want to be...
    Volition has done a great job at aiding that cause, but in this next gen take on the
    series, they have worked hard creating a system that would is and will always will be
    the undisputed champion in character customization, and will be updated with new clothing items (with free updates) for many years to come.

    Setting: Stilwater
    Time: N/A (to give it a "timeless feel")
    Artistic detail (landscape, locale, atmosphere) : SR2's diverse districts, (Marina, Chinatown, Museum, Shopping...) with upscaled verticality, mini games (NOT DIVERSIONS) like basketball, skateboarding,
    and bike riding, and karaoke. ( A little neon never hurt too)

    Story: (use your keynote voice) As mentioned before, there are 13 gangs you get to choose from... Each gang has been expertly written, for that player who wants to play as a different gender, or play the story in a different gang... However gangs won't be the only options you can take part in...
    We loved the side activity "FUZZ" and thought it would be a great idea to give the player a detailed story revolving around the men and women in blue... Or if they think they got what it takes... Black and Orange.

    We call these groups "Factions"... And as a side note: We are very happy to announce that, The origins of
    S.T.A.G.'s rise to power, will be controlled in the hands of the player's.

    No matter what gang or faction you side with... you'll have some things to do:

    Own the Row. Own the City. Own the World.

    The goal of whatever you call this... was to prove to myself (maybe others) that Saints Row as a whole still has some fight left in it.
    If anyone wants share their ideas too, please do so! Going through ideas was so much fun for me... (a little cathartic too)
    Here's hoping for a "Brighter Future".
  2. Actually I would have kept the Gangs to 5 (Green, Blue, Purple, Red & Orange) w/Alien Versions of Each Gang appearing like Warden + Genki's Gang appearing when you Piss-off 4 Gangs at once per Star
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