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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by FusionH2o, Feb 14, 2019.

  1. I recently bought me a Asus P5WDG2 WS Professional Motherboard. What will be the best ATX casing, power supply, graphics I can put into building this beast?
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    For a graphics card, if you want to stay with ASUS, this one sounds like it would last you for a while (RTX 2080):

    A few other things you will probably want:
    1. CPU (those are very useful) :D
    2. CPU Cooler (get a good one)
    3. Disk Drive (those also come in handy)
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  3. Here are the compatible processors list (make sure to update the BIOS):

    I recommend getting a quad-core, so narrow down the search for the "Core 2 quads" or "Core 2 extremes" maybe.

    Ram compatibility is troublesome to me but I'll give a link: 8gb ram&cm_re=ddr2_8gb_ram-_-0RN-0005-00905-_-Product

    8 GB is recommended and is also the max for this board.

    I would say a GTX 1050 would be enough (1080p 50-60fps medium-high). Maybe a little too fast, but eh...
    I just hope the motherboard can handle more parts than what ASUS has listed.

    New power supplies and casings are still compatible with this chip.
    Edit: Don't watch The Verge's Guide to PC building. Something just reminded me.
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    Okay, it may be a bit overpowered for Saints Row 2. Perhaps something more modest... :oops:
  5. It came with a quad core Pentium with a cooler mounted on it.

    Yeah definitely too overpowered for SR2 but might not be too much for maybe AOM, Fallout 76 or even Skyrim SE?
  6. Running any socket LGA775 processor with a GPU that fast would cause "bottle-necking." The processor won't be able to keep-up with the GPU, thus the potential of the card is wasted. People worry about this because they could be spending more money for essentially the same performance as if they got a slower card for less.

    RTX 2080, in my opinion is only good if you are going to upgrade to a top tier processor very soon (example: Intel i7 8700k) so you can play the few new games with ray-tracing technology in 4K resolution 60fps high-ultra settings. Even then, the RTX 2080ti is more popular.
  7. Uhmm, that will be a bit of a problem, an Intel i7 8700k is not supported with that motherboard.
  8. well, yes, deciding on a processor from another generation will often require a whole new chipset (CPU, MOBO, RAM).
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  9. I just assume I'll save my money and order me a newer motherboard that will support an Intel I7 Core 9 CPU. Or maybe a AMD Mobo that supports the new Ryzen CPU.
  10. In that case:
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