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  1. Bugs
    • Severe performance drop sometimes when a lot of particle effects are in use.
    • Sometimes during mayhem the attack doesn't work (rare)
    • AoM does not properly handle "Windowed Borderless" at launch, need to switch to "Fullscreen" and back again.
    • After the wedding, I had camera shake everywhere until I exited and relaunched
    • The "you are here" icon on the map often disappears.
    • Sometimes after completing a gold activity, other activities disappear until you go to the Ark and back again.
    • Requisitions has "New" by it every time I return to the Ark, even though the Agency is level 20 and I've bought all the upgrades.
    • Sometimes interact doesn't work (Hack, Open Chest) (Just had this happen in the middle of a lair. Changing keybinding/changing Agent does not fix it. Scan works but intermittently.) This is really annoying when it happens. (It's not the keybinding, I even tried binding it to middle mouse and it still did not respond indicating a more serious bug.)
    • For some reason, the game has crashed on me three times so far today (with very few crashes earlier). I'm trying to get all my agents up to Super Agent and I'm on the last one. (One of the new crashes has happened twice now when destroying the core of of the gravity weapon.)
    • Lieutenants that are defeated show up at events (usually doomsday weapons).
    • Red Card's weapon selection (Shotgun/Rifle) resets whenever he zones.
    • Sometimes on the map the rewards section is blank for all events until you go to the Ark and return.
    • Had a Lair room with a "Defeat All Enemies" but it spawned the last one on the other side of a red door making the lair uncompletable.
    • If you activate a mayhem ability right before a cutscene is triggered, the music etc for the mayhem play during the cutscene. Cutscene should terminate all other audio.
    • Map should have option to center on character
    • Map should have filtering
    • There should be some mechanic for bonuses for trashing LEGION lairs (blowing up the various objects)
    • More character development, speaking between agents on the Ark
    • More starting Mayhem dialog/animations, there's only one per agent and it gets... old. fast.
    • Some way to cancel out of a Mayhem, like if all the enemies are dead and you hit it by accident.
    • Ability to change squad loadout without going back up to the Ark and returning (maybe in one of Germlin's labs or a maybe add safehouse locations?) It's incredibly annoying to reach an activity or a mission and be told you're missing someone with a specific skill and having to go back up to the ark and redeploy.
    • A number of the later Agency upgrades are useless by the time you can buy them, some of them should be swapped with lower Agency level upgrades
    • Should be some kind of an alert/notification when an outpost is flipped back to LEGION. Maybe Friday could at least say something.
    • Better yet, if LEGION is attacking a MAYHEM controlled outpost, have Friday alert you and add a "defend" outpost event.
    • NPC (both on foot and driving) behavior is extremely bland and dull. The city in AoM feels lifeless, like you're in a simulation.
    • Lairs are a little too samey, I realize there's a limited texture budget but some more variety would be good.
    • Some type of small minimap radar would be helpful since the camera (especially during some mayhem abilities) is zoomed in so far you can't see much around you. (The "Scan" ability helps mitigate this... a little.)
    Other Notes
    (NOTE: I'm still on "Episode 6" - not sure how many there are. So it's possible some of this is explained later.)
    • Why are there only MAYHEM ground vehicles when everything is based on an aircraft (Ark)?
    • If MAYHEM has teleportation technology why can't they teleport you to near your mission start?
    • What technology keeps agents from having fall damage? It's not really explained at all.
    • "Mayhem" is a very strange name for a justice/resistance/law enforcement? organization. (If anything the names MAYHEM and LEGION should've been switched.)
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