Brutal Row

This is a small portion from Viper Venoms compilation of Greatest mods
One of my favorite mod packs. The gangs and homies
work on the remastered version but not everything else.... I think?

What is in this Mod:
+ custom homies
+ custom gangs
+ Rollerblader arrives with backup (phone) with abilities
+ more enemies spawn
+ enemies more aggressive

What I changed:
+ Deckers use Stag Shot guns & Cyberspace smg
+ Female gang now have Sniper guns

that's about it, but all credit to Viper




Place everything in your Main Sr3 folder (where your game launcher is)



  • Brutal
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Deckers been removed :( maybe in future plans turn saints into the Deckers
Nice can you change the outfit color to baby pink and black , awesome mod but i was confused by the cars they came in , also the decker specialist her hammer is missing cuz the mod i use where i can have her hammer make her's go the mod i use is called permanent temp weapon is there anyway to make it compatible so we both have it ?