Bringing back Train Stations a-la SR1

Discussion in 'Mod Requests' started by glenquagmire71, Dec 4, 2019.

  1. So for the un-itiated, originally Saints Row had the feature of using trains, essentially when a train arrived a marker would appear, and you could enter said marker, press E, and it show the map, you'd select another train station, and you'd be teleported to selected train station's marker for $25, I really liked this, and utilized it a lot in my play-through of SR1 on the XBone, as it's quick, and convenient, and I am pretty piffed it didn't return in SR2.

    Interesting enough, a big chunk of the code is left over (and should be usable in theory), but the thing is I don't have the knowledge to bring this feature back in all of it's glory (I can't even bring the icon back on the map LOL). The other issue is that I believe the only way to bring it back would be to remake the code using SR1's .xtbl/.cts as a code of reference (I'm NOT suggesting outright using the code, as a lot of it would be irrelevant, and outright converting stuff from console exclusives is a big no-no on this forum for a variety of reasons)

    Essentially I need help to bring this awesome, and convenient feature back, hell it could even appear in GOTR 2.0 for the PC Patch if the stars align.

    Just a note, I am fully aware MasakoTeam (kinda) brought back Train Stations, the only issue is that they are just straight up warp markers, which IMO ruins the charm of the feature to me.
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  2. F13


    I'll have a look
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