Breaking News Cars or how to do the Zimo Escort missions easily

Well, I was just finishing the last activities I had left, but I was stuck on the Zimo Escort activity at the airport, and was getting frustrated. So I decided to take my revenge and tweak the dynamics of the news cars vehicles so they would be bumping and spinning wildly in the air, eventually exploding when they receive enough damage from collisions. I figure this kind of stuff has been done before, but I could not find a thread on the subject. So here goes, it is simply a *.xtbl file to put in the game directory to change the news cars dynamics.

I did change a lot of values in the file, and I figure a lot of the changes are pointless, but I was just experimenting for the fun of it.


  • breaking_news_carsV1.7z
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i have been doing zimos escort mission that has the difficulty hard but always failed
thx this helps a lot
hey can you turn this into a cheat that you can toggle? I think then people wont worry about removing the files when they don't want it on.


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You might change it to affect the "PETA" Vans for Angel's Tiger Escort missions as well.