Boss or Npc Bottom Half Only mod request!

Hello, could and would any modders please help me with a request i have?
I would like a mod to make only the bottom half of the player character (the boss)
Or Shaundi / Kenzie / Viola DeWinter
Examples included!


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Are you asking for the character models to have their upper bodies removed? So they'd just be a walking pair of legs?

I feel slight confusion as to what's being asked for.

If that is what you're asking for, I'd be interested in seeing how that would look in-game too. I'd go with Shaundi. Probably easier to work with since she's wearing a crop top. I imagine Kinzie's Jacket would be a nightmare to edit out. Viola might work, but not sure... And all of this is just speculation, I have no idea if such a mod is even possible in the first place.
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Yes, actually. just make the upper body invisible. like the toilet outfit for that one mission im also quite curious about it!

speaking of toilet outfit, one of the mods on here gives the toilet legs