Bloody Canoness and Spawn_info_ranks

Discussion in 'Get Help/Troubleshooting' started by tonyb42, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. Hello. Does anyone know if it's possible to put lights and siren effects on the Bloody Canoness bike? Also is it possible to change the weapon loadout for your homies? I tried to through spawn-info-ranks (just like i had in SRTT) but for me SRIV crashes when I try the same.
  2. Hello. Can anyone provide any advice? My modded xtbl files seem to cause SRIV to crash for me. Any mod that I use from this site works fine, but anytime I try to modify my own xtbl file and place it in my install folder it crashes. The only exception is the character file. Here is the crash report mdmp file. I do not know what it means though:

    • saintsrowiv_1814734_crash_2019_8_1T16_48_20C0.mdmp
    Any thoughts or advice toward a solution would be appreciated.
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  3. Hello. asking for some advice once again regarding not getting my mods to work. Any mod I download from someone else works fine, but anytime I make a change to any of my xtbl files (exception character) my computer crashes. And yes I have an official Steam version of the game if anyone is wondering.

    Are we still placing mods in the install folder or in the "Mod" folder that's in the install folder, or somewhere else? I'm using Notepad++ to make changes. Might it have anything to do with the Mod Beta patches or another patch update that I missed? I'd like to make some mods to share, but can't because nothing is working. If this problem has been addressed elsewhere, please direct me to that post. Thanks for your patience, and sorry for the double post.
  4. You've fucked up somewhere with the code, for example I was editing the homies.xtbl file and setting variants for cars that didn't exist, thus causing the game to crash.

    It took me about 5 seconds of research to find a list of all cars and variants; I'm a dumb ass sometimes.

    Maybe you should try WinMerge to compare files and see what works and what dosen't.

    Edit: I presume you meant the game crashes not your computer? 0_o
  5. Yeah the game crashes, not my computer:D. I don't know what it could be though. For instance what I've been trying to do is change the weapon loadout for my homies in spawn_info_ranks. The worst I did was try to have Gat use a bat instead of a rifle; how complex is that:confused:? I've done this a dozen times in SRTT; same process different game. Again this only happens when I tweak any file other than the character.xtbl. I put up a crash report previously when it happened last, but don't know what I need to read it. Thanks for reaching out.
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