Animations Bloodsucker animation in GooH

several users have reported that the vampire skill couldn't be used in GooH, despite being able to purchase the skill.
i was thinking to replace the original animation, (and perhaps add small amount of HP after the execution.)

i replaced hs_sd_a.anim_pc & hs_sd_b.anim_pc with vampire animation from SR3. wrong animation file.
the animation does load, but doesn't kill.
it either keep reloading the Bloodsucker animation forever, or sometimes switch back to default excution animation & kill it.
i'll try other combinations.

would appreciate any advice from the more experienced modders :)
thanks to yukichigai for his Vampire skill port guide

update 1
i rename hs_sd_vamp_a.anim_pc to hs_plym_kill.anim_pc & hs_vic_kill.anim_pc.
a bite & kill animation is working! however player's body might go through victim during the bite

update 2
rename hs_sd_vamp_a.anim_pc to hs_plym_kill.anim_pc only.
the animation is working alright but not perfect.
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