Black Bar Remover for Ultrawide Monitors

If you play on an ultrawide monitor it doesn't take long to see that this game lacks proper 21:9 support. Black bars in cinematics, loading screens, even menus. I hex edited the DX12 exe to remove the bars entirely.

If you don't own a 21:9 monitor, this edit will do nothing for you!


Pick the folder that matches with your monitor res and copy the included exe into your game's directory, this will overwrite the original dx12 exe

Feel free to back up your exe if you wish, I've also included a vanilla version that doesn't contain the black bar fix

Known issues:

  • Pre-rendered cutscenes are zoomed in, I think this is engine related, I couldn't figure out a way to fix it
  • Subtitles are cut off on the bottom of the screen, again, same reasoning as before, turn them off for a proper experience
  • Some menu items are cut off the bottom of the screen, same reasons, edit them prior to installing the fix, or restore vanilla exe and change options, then reinstall

  • [*]Ultrawide compilation

I've removed the downloads due to site rules and the fact I don't want to keep updating the exe's with every patch, instead I'll provide a simple guide to doing this yourself

- Open up any hex editor, even online ones like works perfectly (and it's what I used)
- Upload one of three exe's from the sr5 directory; SaintsRow.exe SaintsRow_DX12.exe or SaintsRow_Vulkan.exe (pick the version of the game you primarily use, for example if you usually play DirectX 12 in the launcher, use SaintsRow_DX12.exe)
- After opening the exe in a hex editor search for the hex 39 8E E3 3F, there will be multiple of these, you'll have to replace them all.
- Replace the hex specified with the one that matches your resolution
2560x1080 = 26 B4 17 40
3440x1440 = 8E E3 18 40
3840x1600 = 9A 99 19 40
5120x2160 = 26 B4 17 40
6880x2880 = 8E E3 18 40
If you play on 3440x1440 like I do, you'll want to overwrite every instance of 39 8E E3 3F with 8E E3 18 40 for example.
After replacing them all, save the exe and put it back in the same folder you pulled it from. (Back up the original exe in case you don't like the side effects this brings!)
- Launch the game as you normally would via the Saints Row Launcher. All in-game cinematics will now be clean and borderless!
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