Black And Chrome Gun Collection And Viper's Custom Mods

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  1. This is my first texturing project so go easy on me
    Many thanks to Voltarox for helping me figure out texturing(and putting up with my stupid questions)
    I was unhappy trying to use these other gun collections because it wasnt quite what i wanted,iwas looking for more style i supose.
    But i would like some input(even critisism) from the rest of the modders here to give me some ideas to make this more creative.
    These are a few screenshots of my progress. Screenshot15707.jpg Screenshot17777.jpg Screenshot16486.jpg A lot of inginuity,major modifications,a rolex, and a lot of diamonds,ultor just got robbed:p ultor assasin suit is now Viper Goddess Suit;) downloadfile.jpeg downloadfile-1.jpeg downloadfile-2.jpeg Screenshot13206.jpg Screenshot6335.jpg Screenshot4000.jpg She,s sexy, she just got a sunburn, she just got stood up, and she's got 2 45's and she's looking for you:pIF LOOKS COULD KILL!!!
    (Skin tone changes with the light and time of day,kind of like a 3d effect,hot sunny days she has a sunburn,normal days and light she has normal skin tone,and night time slightly darker) Screenshot8676.jpg downloadfile.jpeg
    Screenshot6616.jpg Screenshot6574.jpg downloadfile-1.jpeg downloadfile.jpeg
    downloadfile-1.jpeg downloadfile.jpeg downloadfile.jpeg downloadfile-4.jpeg
    Real downloadfile-1.jpeg Modeled downloadfile-1.jpeg
    Screenshot18567.jpg Screenshot16608.jpg downloadfile.jpeg Screenshot5006.jpg Screenshot4895.jpg Screenshot6259.jpg Screenshot7219.jpg Screenshot18835.jpg Screenshot6185.jpg Screenshot6433.jpg Screenshot6702.jpg Screenshot6955.jpg Screenshot7763.jpg Screenshot6110.jpg Screenshot29921.jpg Screenshot10920.jpg Screenshot6881.jpg Screenshot10416.jpg downloadfile.jpeg downloadfile-2.jpeg downloadfile-3.jpeg Screenshot10076.jpg Screenshot14998.jpg 3D Decker sword that slowly creates a flame from top of handle to bottom creating a dragon(the flaming dragon) downloadfile.jpeg downloadfile.jpeg downloadfile-1.jpeg downloadfile-2.jpeg downloadfile-3.jpeg Custom israeli 45 auto with platinum etching made by magnum research minneapolis mn made in israel Screenshot6563.jpg Screenshot5546.jpg These are golden plated 45's with diamondplated grip with authentic shaundi,black onyx levers and slide with custom trigger and gold magazines downloadfile-1.jpeg downloadfile.jpeg This is for people who wanted a golden gun but werent too fond of the shaundi grip, we have the golden saint with black onyx saints symbol on the grip Screenshot6877.jpg Screenshot7117.jpg Screenshot7410.jpg Screenshot7678.jpg
    For all the genki lovers we have the super ethical 45's with ethical magazines and stillwater skyline on the barrel with a black onyx genki on the handle;) downloadfile.jpeg downloadfile-1.jpeg S3X HAMMER (STAG SLAYER) downloadfile.jpeg downloadfile-1.jpeg As requested this is the AR55 remake realistic style Screenshot38000.jpg Screenshot38316.jpg Screenshot38990.jpg Screenshot38639.jpg The Fallen angel Assasin
    this suit has custom ivory handle berretas in the holster(i will be making thrm later to go with it)
    Custom made sword on the back(made that myself)
    Angel necklace and the angels wings chained down on the boots;)

    I have included an ASM Updater and detailed instructions on how to install this mod(for noobs like me).
    NOTE: If you are using a weapon mod such as joes tacticool weapons that include the items_preload_containers.asm_pc or any mesh files for these weapons it will conflict(recommend deleting any old weapon mods and create new folder with weapons you want to use, mine or other,in one folder with the asm updater(asm_pc files only) plus items_containers.asm_pc then run asm updater(top batch file in folder) and create new weapon mod then copy to your saints row the third directory(program files\steam\steam apps\common\saints row the third) and all will work;)
    Any and all requests will gladly be done at my earliest convenience;)
    please keep up the great ideas and requests so we can make this a great mod.
    Many thanks to everyones great ideas this far and i hope you enjoy the mod:)
    Please leave comments and ideas
    This page will be updated at my earliest convenience and as weapons are added or you choose to use another weapon mod simply run the ASM Updater provided and it will update all your mods(note i did not make the asm updater,it is simply provided so you dont have to hunt for it;)).
    Note i have stopped making a second version with no emblems due to requests are done( even specific guns modeled for you if picture or suggestion made).
    Screenshots posted are more than welcome and highly appreciated as it is nice to see how my guns look on someone elses game:D
    Also note that the colt custom flaming 45 has 3d effects(flames flicker from blue to purple when the light hits them and the standard k8 krukov provided the ammo box has 3d saints symbol when moved in the right directions as shown in screenshots;)
    By all means please upload screenshots(simple way is to push function and print screen at same time and it will show up in your mian saints row the third install directory) so i know everyone is getting their requested modifications working properly on their game. If not working correctly i will gladly help you fix the issue as promptly as possible;)
    Thank you for everyones great ideas and support this far as i feel i have been accomplishing something special for everyones game:)
    And for better looking game and screenshots i am supplying my personaly made SweetFX for SRTT v 1.5.1(as suggested by Admixon;))

    This particular mod is brought to you by Viper Venom and Skyninja:
    This will add Pink Saphire(as i call her) to your gang customization and phone menu for backup.
    She is well known as the ex rollerblader for the deckers. Skyninja created the files necessary for this to happen and i mearly textured her and added minor tweaks so so make sure to say thank you to Skyninja for his hard work. This is a screenshot of Pink Saphire at saints hq in my gang after retexture: Screenshot12426.jpg Instructions included with rar file and all credits included. Any problems with this mod please promptly contact me or Skyninja for help and we will help you fix it.

    The latest edition to the black and chrome gun collection is the well left out but very explosive rocket launcher( rpg). Realistic metal look with real rubber and some gorgeous chrome pieces and and a dazzling explosive chrome warhead projectile. Nothing beats old fashioned explosions from a well maintained weapon in the hands of the gorgeous daisy duke:p. Screenshot13994.jpg Here simply add this to your black and chrome gun collection of choice and run the asm updater to update your items_container.asm_pc and done. Hope you like it because we know daisy does:p.

    Looks like ultor got robbed again:p
    Hello kitty, say hello to the new DRAGON ASSASSIN SEXY AND LETHAL-BAD COMBINATION:p downloadfile-1.jpg

    Simply put the custmesh in your main folder and update the asm and there you have it;)
    As you already know this replaces the ultor assassin suit and is evidently only compatible with certain skin tones. Feel free to try my new SweetFx V3 with it for a great looking game. Game on people and keep modding;)

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  2. Are you going to retexture the Decker Sword ?
  3. Awesome idea but how? I mean suggestions on what it needs. More chrome and black grip? Maybe black or shiny stripe down the middle? Ideas?
  4. Idea sparking.
  5. Yep. Black handle with dragon,chrome blade, with purple lining in the middle. What you think?
  6. Heres a couple in game screenshots Screenshot7930.jpg Screenshot10618.jpg
  7. Started on the decker sword and that could take me a while to figure out lol. I think i work on some others first:p
  8. Black and Chrome Decker Sword idea.
    VIPER VENOM likes this.
  9. Im trying but might need help with that one:cool:
    Right now im fixing the police pistol so all the pistols and tazer are done. What you think so far?
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