Billboard mod to bring back the SRTT look

This mod has been created by using the tool I have just posted here:

It is basically the same as using the tool with all the textures from the modified_textures_SRTT_dds folder in the tool and then posting it. I do post the result here, for those that dont want to trouble themselves with actually using the billboard texture toolkit from scratch. It does bring back the images and features as they were in SRTT. And in the case of new features, it does try to reduce the Zinyak propaganda in them.

street signs.jpg airport terminal.jpg


  • SR4 billboards mod - bring back SRTT look and remove Zinyak propaganda V2.7z
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Yay!!! :D
Can I kiss you now or later:) lol.You shocked me I mean they look great I am shocked I don't have to be up close to see these modded billboards because modded billboard and crappy low settings don't mix. This was the problem I had in Sr3 with billboards I have to be like really up close like maybe touching them in order for the modded ones to show. But I was wishing that sr4 would be different and yes it is I can be far away and see them thank god and thank you for your hard work bring them back you made many people dreams come true.
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A new version has been uploaded.

- airport highway signs: zinyak propaganda removed
- downtown giant vertical LCD Saints: replaced the back picture of Gat with Viola
- fixed naked female statue lamp: jaw region was messed up
- fixed some of the low res billboards which were showing wrong image