[BETA] Improved Vehicle Audio

Discussion in 'Vehicles' started by pleasegofuk, May 17, 2017.

  1. This mod aims to improve the sound of the low quality vehicle tire screeching SFX and sirens by replacing them with higher quality sounds. :D

    Update: Pre-Release Bugs fixed; Apparently XACT doesn't like it when you try to use ADPCM on certain files...

    So, without further ado, I bring you Saints Row 2's Improved Vehicle SFX :)

    Will be posting videos shortly. Source files will be posted below as well if you'd like to tinker =)

    Cheers! :cool:

    Official Release is now out.
    * - SR2_Improved_Sfx.zip is the Mod
    * - SR2 Improved Audio is just the source audio files. Not sure if allowed, Mods feel free to delete.

    (Rant, don't read)
    Okay, this game is a pain in the ass to mod, no seriously I hope you're not reading this right now because I spent 7 hair pulling hours trying to figure out how to work with this garbage system called XACT, having to position audio correctly to its previous length to avoid audio bank fuck ups. It's a nightmare, and probably why no one mods this piece of shit engine. Fuck you CD Projekt for your shit port. Sorry for language.

    ** Final Edit to avoid bumping:
    Well, fuck. Looks like I got too ahead of myself. I fucked up the audio banks apparently now and the sirens and tire screeching sounds are muted. Turns out I honestly can't find any better sound effects. The game just can't handle them. Also you'll randomly hear gunshots and random weird shit when it rains and stuff, too. Oh joy.
    So, just like GTA San Andreas audio banks are a bitch to deal with. I'll leave this up incase anyone wants to use these files later on.

    Until then, I'm just gonna vanish and leave these up indefinitely... seeya Saints Row Mods~

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  2. does it do engine sounds too?
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  3. Did you extract the files from the Xbox 360 version or did you find those sound effects on the internet?
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  4. I don't have the knowledge nor tech bits on how to extract Xbox360 audio, which from what I'm guessing will likely involve piracy or something illegal, as extracting data from the x360 version of any game is probably illegal anyhow due to technicalities and all that.

    Most of the files are ripped from public sources, I tried to find high quality sound effects that wouldn't sound too fake-ish and toned down the sounds in Audacity so they'd match the game sound levels. Hope that helps.
  5. And where are the videos you told about?
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