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  1. Decided to post my stuff in here for those who like manually instalations and for GOG users. Any change or update made on steam will do it here too.

    Installation: Copy the vpp_pc file to... Saints row4/mods folder

    Nier Automa: Androids
    206420_20190509155115_1.png 206420_20190509155254_1.png 206420_20190509155346_1.png 206420_20190509155357_1.png 206420_20190509155441_1.png 206420_20190509155451_1.png 206420_20190509155510_1.png 206420_20190509155517_1.png 206420_20190509155522_1.png 206420_20190509155537_1.png 206420_20190509155639_1.png

    20181120191430_1.jpg 20181120191444_1.jpg 20181120191514_1.jpg 20181120191622_1.jpg

    The following only support female, will update them later.

    20181011233119_1.jpg 20181012000551_1.jpg 20181012000613_1.jpg 20181012000627_1.jpg

    Bunny Suit

    Kill la Kill
    20180929155343_1.jpg 20180929155351_1.jpg 20180929155359_1.jpg 20180929155406_1.jpg 20180929155427_1.jpg 20180929155437_1.jpg

    Classic Harley Quinn
    20180824123238_1.jpg 20180824124334_1.jpg

    Tanya Winters

    Viola de Wynter

    Shaundi´s White House Dress

    Hatsune Miku


    I will do male mods too, I promise

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  2. I'm already using your mods in GOG version, and they're great.
  3. There is only 1 problem with Nier Automa: Androids & Kill la Kill, they are only for 1 body type & that's 100% skinny.
  4. Nope, they work for every body type. Post pics and let me see´

    EDIT: Made a test on my game, they work just fine.
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  5. bandicam 2019-05-28 17-46-41-519.jpg bandicam 2019-05-28 17-46-55-956.jpg bandicam 2019-05-28 17-47-20-744.jpg bandicam 2019-05-28 17-47-57-841.jpg bandicam 2019-05-28 17-48-08-664.jpg bandicam 2019-05-28 17-48-51-504.jpg bandicam 2019-05-28 17-48-58-878.jpg bandicam 2019-05-28 17-50-03-290.jpg bandicam 2019-05-28 17-50-12-081.jpg

    Same body type in other suits.

    bandicam 2019-05-28 17-56-38-828.jpg bandicam 2019-05-28 17-58-03-447.jpg
  6. Default 100% muscle:
    206420_20190528180710_1.png 206420_20190528180718_1.png 206420_20190528180722_1.png 206420_20190528180724_1.png 206420_20190528180728_1.png

    Are you using a body mod by any chance? :rolleyes:
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  7. I made my stuff with vanilla settings. Mods may be incompatible for some reason ( : Really time consuming so to much hassle to edit them.
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  8. It's cool bro, all in all sick mod i'll use it every now & then
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  9. Hi, I'm new here. Can you tell me what that outfit is your character is wearing in your profile pic?
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