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Applying textures to models in Blender

Discussion in 'Get Help/Troubleshooting' started by HyperVoxel, May 8, 2017.

  1. So I've recently been able to extract the models and textures but when it comes to applying them I am unsure. I am wondering if anyone has some sort of guide to this.
  2. Admixon

    Admixon Modding patch tester

    You have to fix the model first.
  3. Easier said then done?
  4. Admixon

    Admixon Modding patch tester

    Connect verts
  5. Yes, I at the moment have no idea how to achieve this.
  6. Also, what is the process for extracting vehicles?
    are there any tools for that?
  7. There is actually a way to import vehicle models to 3ds Max, but it is not fully fleshed out and has some issues.

    You need to unpack "vehicles.vpp_pc" from the packfile directory, then unpack the ".str2_pc" file of the car you want to use. You should then get a bunch of files, one of which is ".ccar_pc".

    Then, assuming you have an old version of 3ds Max, you install the plugin from here: https://www.saintsrowmods.com/forum/threads/mesh-importer-for-3ds-max.4661/ The plugin does not work with newer versions of Max.

    That will let you import the .ccar_pc file into 3ds Max and do whatever you want with it. Bear in mind you need to extract the textures manually using the SR3 texture tool, which are stored in the .cpeg_pc file. The imported model will not have a texture but should have a working UV map. The scale could be wrong and you would need to significantly increase the size of the model, and I believe you can't actually import wheels, or if you can they must be hidden away in another .vpp_pc file. Also note that if a car is customizable (you can change the bonnet, bumper etc.) then all customizable options will be included with your model as separate objects.
  8. I have 2016 3ds max but thanks for this "Fillip
  9. Oh great guru, please teach us!
  10. If you want to apply Textures...wait I remember you, I responded somewhere else about this...one second

    Oh, but if your Applying Texture that is different
    - Detailed Explanation by BornCG, I recommend him

    How I would do it
    0. Look near top beside Default & Scene for Blender Render and change to Cycles Render > Change Viewport Shading to Texture (Bottom next to Object Mode) > Use Tab Key so your in Object Mode Applying Texture.png > Untitled.png > Applying Texture2.png

    1. Right-Click on Object to Select (Sometimes Twice)
    Applying Texture2.png > upload_2017-7-16_7-39-43.png

    2. Go to RightPanel > Properties (Black & White Icon, at Bottom by Default...Top one is the Outliner) > Materials (Red Checkered Circle)
    Applying Texture2.png

    3. Scroll down to Surface > Click "Use Nodes" (Love this Forum's Upload File System...I can have 2 Images with the Same name)
    Applying Texture2.png

    4. Click on the [o] (DropMenu) beside Color's Colorbox
    Applying Texture2.png

    5. Under Texture > Select Image Texture
    Applying Texture2.png

    6. In Color > Under Image Texture > Click Open > Drag & Drop File on Blender's File Browser to quickly navigate to Folder > Select Your File > Open Image or Double-Click to Open File
    Applying Texture2.png > Applying Texture2.png > Applying Texture2.png

    7. OKAY SO THIS IS IF YOUR PUTTING TEXTURE ON A NEW OBJECT, IF IT ALREADY WORKS FOR THE OBJECT, DON'T CONTINUE...me remembering Fallout 4 Editing...Reply if it works 100% or if UV Map is Flipped (It look like the Hands are at the Feet, cause BornCG doesn't talk about this...I had to find multiple answers on Internet) & If you need to apply Texture in Multiple Objects

    Press Tab to go into Edit Mode with Object still Selected (A for Select All) > Tap "U" Key for Unwrap Mapping Menu > Smart UV Project > Ok > Tap "A" to Unselect All if Select All
    Applying Texture2.png > Applying Texture2.png
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2017