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Anyone willing to make a Halo mod?

Discussion in 'Mod Requests' started by Tiberius The Black Dragon, Jan 25, 2017.


Would you like to see a Halo mod for Saints Row?


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  2. Meh Halo doesn't interest me.

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  3. I do, but I think we should just stick to what we got goin.

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  4. Blarg blarg blarg! Wort Wort!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE to play Saints Row 4 and I was hoping to see some Halo mods for it when I started playing on PC. But unfortunately no one has ever done such a thing. I was hoping someone out there who loves Halo and Saints Row as much as I do would be kind enough to make some Halo mods? Like Spartan Armor, A scorpion tank an elite costume, the Assault rifle or SMG since Saints Row 4 uses forgrips. And a Rocket launcher? Maybe some day,one day?
  2. Importing custom models (from what I've gathered) is rather hard to do, due to restrictions with the game engine. New content cannot be added; however, pre-existing content can be replaced. So it is possible, just hard to accomplish, and not likely.
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  3. Quantum

    Quantum Administrator Staff Member

    I love all the old Halo games (1-4, ODST, and Reach) and still play them regularly. I particularly love to play Firefight and Forge mode over system link with my family. Then they started removing all the features I love -- first Firefight, then system link, and finally even split screen. And MCC has so many bugs they never bothered to fix. I didn't even buy Halo 5 because there's nothing left. It's a pale shadow of what it once was. Sad.

    Personally, I'd pick choice #3.

    It may be possible to make custom armor and custom weapons, but we don't have tools to make custom vehicles.
  4. I am pretty sure it can also be made from scratch.
  5. Well, I'm going to learn SR4 code, and maybe even decompile and edit the .exe.
    And I like the idea of Halo mod. Love dat game.
  6. well getting the models isn't so hard, there are sites that you can go to for the models so that people have either ripped from the game or created from scratch. Also, getting the models to transfer from one format to another wouldn't at all be that hard to do, since the only conversion program that you would need is either 3ds max or Maya (you can get legit student copies from the website) and use the "save as" feature to test how an object would be able to maintain its shape through its file conversion for the saints row engine to be able to handle. If anyone is interested in more information about the halo models. I believe I pulled these from the internet a while ago though I can no longer find the link to where I found them, PM me on Discord @Todo#1732 . Caveat (ripped models from other games is shunned in the modding community. I only support it when its for educational purposes.) Assets are not limited to armor, but also includes some weapons, the only thing that I am limited by is time. otherwise I would sit here and commit to figuring this out myself. I hope that helps. proof-of-asset-backup.PNG
    Made sure to get a clear picture of the time so that you guys know that I'm not sending you stock pictures I found on google

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