Anime Inspired Water Mod

The water going from just simulated visuals to an orange gridwork when approached and the fact you can charge up and jump out (believe me; I do it a lot)got me thinking. Since boating is dropped in the game outside of mods, the waters around Fake Steelport could be yet another shout-out as Volition and Deep Silver so love to do. Read me out, here.

Imagine a blueish aura with a thinner grid of intense blue lines forming largish "cubes" in it for the water up close. If you're in it for more than a few seconds, snakelike arcs of power come and attack, leaving if you leave the "water". This gives people good reason to stay out of the water or leap/warp out as soon as possible.

The inspiration for this, by the way, came from the ionised "moat" surrounding Professor Wattsman's place in the Dirty Pair anime Project Eden. When I say "Anime Inspired," I mean it!