Character Customization Animated Tattoo, Facepaint & Eye Lens (If for SR4 too)

Discussion in 'Mod Requests' started by Lukong1515, Oct 6, 2020.

  1. I got this idea from seeing Aronia's Animated Shirts @Steam Workshop.

    And thought compared to GTA and Saints Row 4 lack of realism that add to the hatred of SR4...that Animated Tattoos would not only look cool, but make sense for SR4.
    I wanted to make this mode myself, that is why I never mentioned it until now.

    - Gears
    - Dragon flying around arm or Torso
    - Siege where they clash in the middle
    - [Long Animation] Stick/ColorBox War going on all over body (Troops, Planes, Tanks)
    - Deadspace Health meter, but labelled with something funny (Like Pee Meter)
    - Matrix Code falling (Green/Black)
    - Slowly changing between 2 skin colors

    - Faces popping out of the Skin thru Oval (Here's JOHNNY or Alien from Face Hugger)
    - Bleeding from the "Cut Here" Tattoo (Besting Trevor's Cut Here Tattoo)
    - Forehead targeting
    - Actual tear drops (Water or Black)
    - Center (Mind)/Quad/Hexa Eyes
    - 2nd/3rd Mouth
    - Rainbow Lips
    - Mouth Scares that say "You wanna know how I got this scares"
    - "Read my Lips"

    Eye Lens
    - Tripping Out
    - Glowing like a Terminator
    - Werewolf eyes enlarging
    - Matrix (Reboot) eye taking Aim

    Off topic Question: What Direct -9, 10, 11, 12- does SR3 and SR3re use?
    Cause I was going to apply a Mod Method from Fallout 4 to SR4 for vehicle mods w/Ninja Ripper that can only work on Direct 9/10 (I don't remember as I don't have it now, but remember SR3 would ask before launch).
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