Alternate Times of Day & Weather

Just open both files in winmerge, or notepad++ or whatever text editor you use, and copy over the settings from version two to one. When you open default_district, you should see a bunch of different entries, each of them with four different sections underneath: 10, 19, 29, 42. (Some settings may not have an entry for all four times of day by default)

10 = night
19 = morning
29 = afternoon
42 = evening

Each of them have four numbers underneath them, each one of them representing Red, Green, Blue, and Alpha in that order. Increase or decrease these numbers to change the intensity of that particular colour in that part of the sky. Increasing or decreasing the alpha amount will affect the colour's intensity. The names are all pretty self-explanatory.

Here's a good guide to use for colour codes.

Simply copy all of the 10 settings from version two to version one to get the night settings that you want.

how did you figure out the color codes for the game? Iv'e been searching the web for some color codes (The RGBA) but I couldn't find one that matches with the color codes in the default_district.xtbl file. I tried to put values which are not in decimal form and the game got too bright :confused: