Alternate Times of Day & Weather

Are you bored of the same old four time of days available in SR3? Wish Volition had given the game a proper day and night cycle? Well, this mod is the next best a thing! It replaces the 4 default times of day with some (sort of) new ones, and overhauls the weather system to make weather changes more frequent and varied, and improving the lighting, wind, and fog effects.


1. Move "Skybox_Effects.xtbl" and "Weather.xtbl" here:
C:/Program Files/Steam/Steamapps/common/saints row the third

2. Depending on which time of day settings pack you want to use, take "Default_District.xtbl" out of folder 1, 2, 3, or 4 and place it in your saints row the third folder. If you only want the enhanced weather effects, ignore this step.

Your co-op partner will not be able to see the new settings unless they are using the same mod as well.







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Thamx for this mod, it's a nice change from the regular time cycles, especially if you're blasting the zombies it gives it a really moody atmosphere.
I just downloaded this mod, and while I love it, I have two questions (well, a question and a request).

1. Is rain active with this mod? I've yet to encounter a random rain shower; I've only gotten rain via cheats.
2. Could you post a version (or the values you need to change) that keeps the original night time but changes all the others? The default night time is the only one I really prefer to the new one due to the lack of clouds.
Yes, weather works with this mod. I'll post a tutorial on how to change time of day stuff later, but I'm sure you could figure it out yourself if you tried. For now, here's another version I made earlier:

Edit: both versions are now available in the zip file at the top of the thread. The screens you see below are from version two.





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Volition Staff
I know this one was released before we added our upload rules, but would you please update the OP when you have some time; create a zip archive with a readme and install instructions, and perhaps integrate your alternate version as well.


yeah these were really cool & appreciated.... i grabbed them when you first posted them, & thought it was cool because had always wanted to get the time & look from beligian problem & the one from return to steelport/live with killbane in the open world. i'm always taking pictures & i would keep starting those missions just to get the look, even though i could never use the clip editor or anything..... but now i can.... Great Stuff!!

also, one thing i noticed was the night one, yeas it rains, the sky loses some of the cool purple while raining, & right afterward it looks closest to return steelport purple, where the clouds arent as heavy.... but i like the dark ominous colorful clouds though, i always switch back & forth between this & the regulars, becuz i wouldn't want to have to pick only 1 night look or noon look, etc.... but yeah ur alt times of day mod made my mini-machi-movie all the more moody & fun & i love it.
Great!:) but i want to use the night background in version two with the others in version one
would you please tell me how to do that?
thanks a lot
Just open both files in winmerge, or notepad++ or whatever text editor you use, and copy over the settings from version two to one. When you open default_district, you should see a bunch of different entries, each of them with four different sections underneath: 10, 19, 29, 42. (Some settings may not have an entry for all four times of day by default)

10 = night
19 = morning
29 = afternoon
42 = evening

Each of them have four numbers underneath them, each one of them representing Red, Green, Blue, and Alpha in that order. Increase or decrease these numbers to change the intensity of that particular colour in that part of the sky. Increasing or decreasing the alpha amount will affect the colour's intensity. The names are all pretty self-explanatory.

Here's a good guide to use for colour codes.

Simply copy all of the 10 settings from version two to version one to get the night settings that you want.