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Discussion in 'Animations' started by Craash, Dec 29, 2016.

  1. I kinda always liked the female rifle/pistol on the shoulder animation better than the male's default animations, so I decided to do this, it changes some of the Rifle, pistols and some shotguns animations for male, swaps them for female ones.




    Installation: Drop the files from the zip to your game folder.

    Known Bugs: The other hand for the rifle animation might seem a bit silly when used on the male char, no fix for this as far as I know or at least not with my current modding skills.

    If you happen to find any more bugs please report them to me

    Edit: Images not working for some reason? Album here:

    Special Thanks to:

    for literally making modding possible for this game since SR2, his awesome support for modders and in general , and for his influence which got me into modding.

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