Alternate Animations for Female Player Character - SRTT Edition

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  1. Hello everyone! I made this mod for SRIV and now it is released for SRTT!

    SRIV alternate anims link:

    This mod gives your Female SRTT Character a Female NPC weapon animations (mostly). Remember: For Females only!

    Most weapons affected, so there are the list of weapons that are not affected: All melee (except Stun Gun and Chainsaw), All Thrown, Incinerator, Minigun, Shock Hammer, GL G20, Satchel Charges, Reaper Drone.

    I changed walk, crouch, stand, run and aim animations (some weapons may have only one of this changes) from Original to NPCs.

    Also this mod changes Female NPCs melee weapons animation to Female Player's, because with Playa's melee animations Fem NPCs look more femimine!

    Copy 'anim_blend_trees.xtbl' and "tables" folder from "Files" folder to your Saints Row IV install folder.

    saintsrowthethird_dx11 2018-11-05 15-42-25-57.jpg saintsrowthethird_dx11 2018-11-05 15-43-09-40.jpg saintsrowthethird_dx11 2018-11-05 15-43-29-45.jpg saintsrowthethird_dx11 2018-11-05 15-43-54-97.jpg saintsrowthethird_dx11 2018-11-05 15-44-23-14.jpg saintsrowthethird_dx11 2018-11-05 15-44-28-37.jpg saintsrowthethird_dx11 2018-11-05 15-45-02-65.jpg saintsrowthethird_dx11 2018-11-05 15-45-26-57.jpg saintsrowthethird_dx11 2018-11-05 15-45-39-78.jpg

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  2. Love it thanks for this it looks better than before
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  3. BEAUTIFUL ANIMATION !!! With this mod , my female character look more FEMIMINE , Thank for your mod. :)

    Maybe if possible can change the normal working and sprint animation to default female animation , it will better and better ...

    Forget to say , the BEST this mod is Slow Walking Animation for Rocket Launcher !!! Thank YOU.
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  4. NICE!
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  5. tried to install on SR3 Remastered and it works perfect and no issues :)
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  6. Only issue I see is that the boss' left hand is to far to the right when running with a single handgun. So instead of holding the gun with 2 hands, her left hand just clips through the gun. (I really displike the dual handguns, as I think the boss looks awesome when you aim down the sight and you walk with a single handgun like a secret agent, most fun in the dark and with the flashlight upgrade on the handgun) Also, the sprinting has a rather weird cycle. Would be better if that stays the same as the normal sprinting if that is possible. :p

    The best thing about this mod is that it fixes the animation bug in the remastered edition when you shoot and the boss keeps the gun aimed forwards, and you run to the left. Normally, the character twitches and lags when you run to the left, this mod fixes that.

    Update: Sadly the bug is still there. It happens when you run to the left and forwards at the same time (diagonally) while aiming down your sight or when you are shooting. Ah well.
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  7. it's not working for me, i put under the SR3 Remaster Folder.. and load the game.. nothing happened. even Pixellation removal and copious color are working perfectly
    this one stay the same walk, same jump, same couch ecetera. help
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