All story NPCs are...

Discussion in 'Homies & NPCs' started by Admixon, Jun 1, 2020.

  1. Admixon

    Admixon Cybercat Staff Member

    ... Violas or
    ... Shaundis or
    ... Decker Specialists or
    ... Gat

    (Yes, I didn't know how to name this mod).

    It simply replaces all of the story NPCs/homies with one of the model listed above.

    16738454349683884032_20200601145013_1.png 16738454349683884032_20200601145423_1.png 16738454349683884032_20200601145201_2.png

    16738454349683884032_20200601150158_1.png 16738454349683884032_20200601150349_1.png 16738454349683884032_20200601150625_1.png

    Decker Specialist
    16738454349683884032_20200601151453_1.png 16738454349683884032_20200601151747_1.png 16738454349683884032_20200601151612_1.png

    16738454349683884032_20200601160246_1.png 16738454349683884032_20200601160346_2.png 16738454349683884032_20200601160632_1.png

    1. Download AsNa.rar file and open it with WinRar or 7zip
    2. Unpack character.xtbl from one of the 3 folders (you can pick just one) to Saints Row The Third Remastered folder

    Thanks to
    LucasRitter for menthe sr-tools

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  2. An issue I noticed with this mod, at least with the Viola option. Is that any in-game dialouge is not spoken and some phone calls don't play. I even started a new game and the issue still occured, the only dialouge that works in cutscenes and mission start phone calls.
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  3. nice but can this work with standard sr3 as well , if not can someone make it for standard sr3 as well please ?
  4. Can a mod be created that switches Oleg and all the other Brutes with Johnny Tag, and switches Saint 8 in Gang Customization with Johnny Gat?

    The reason I pick Saint 8, is because I'm pretty sure I see him in more cutscenes than the other Saints.

    I would also like to see Pierce actually run Planet Saints, could the Clerk be replaced with Pierce, or would that also replace Jimmy Torbitson, since they share the same model?
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  5. I chose the Decker Specialist and the same thing occured
  6. Admixon

    Admixon Cybercat Staff Member

    I'll try to find and fix the problem. Thanks for letting me know.
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