All non-graphics options reset to default on game launch

Hi guys, anybody else having this problem? All my keybinds, gameplay and sound options get reset to default each time I launch the game. Graphics options stay the same however. I'm using some mods from this site so it's probably one of them causing this issue, but I've seen nobody else report the same problem...

Yes, I'm having the exact same issue. I bought the game from GOG in August 2021. I have not yet tried to contact GOG Support because I've been busy. Plan on doing this after Labor Day Weekend. There are always Options that I have to set every time I start up the game.

Under Gamepad: Invert Camera Y, Vertical and Horizontal Sensitivity, Vibration, and Vehicle Camera Snap.
Under Gameplay: Airplane Handling, Show Subtitles, and Pause on Focus Loss (what even IS this?).
Under Audio: Music and Voice levels.

I have to set them all every single time.