Airborne Assault Blackscreen Bypass

Just a simple mod for those that can't get past the Samedi mission which involves razing their drug farm and killing a few of their lieutenants.

If you're using GotR, just navigate to the "modified" folder in optional_mod_stuff and drag and drop the lua file from the zip into there. Then go to the main directory for Saints Row 2 (where SR2_pc.exe is located) and use "Create_Custom_GotR_[VersionNumberHere].bat" and create the patch!

To those who are able to play the mission, don't download this; just play it.

And to those who downloaded SR2 off the internet, go fuck yourself.
(Edit: That was a bit uncalled for, but please don't pirate this game)
Now, Enjoy!


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Fan of Saints

Modding patch tester
so this mods basically completes the mission without actually doing it? (yes i installed it cause im getting the blackscreen bug after the first cutscene before even starting the mission)...well that sucks since i was looking forward to actually playing it but oh well