Agents of Mayhem at E3 2017

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I'm liking what I'm seeing, the city is pretty, animations are slick, controls look responsive, and there are some clever touches with how the cars park and eject you to get you moving fast to your location, nice ambient and reaction dialogue too, I really like the details to make the player experience as efficient as possible without cutting out any depth.

I am still seeing problems with shadows and lighting, especially on character models, low res shadows and overly bright, sometimes glitchy looking lights, I hope it isn't too late in development. I saw a few peds pop into existance, and their animations are sometimes rather buggy, they sometimes jitter about weirdly and glitch/clip (that might happen with the player character and enemies too, but it's hard to tell), and I noticed similar issues happen to some of their ragdolls (like the guard to the rave club).

I can point out specific moments I glitches or visual/technical issues but I don't know how much help this is anyway.

Most of it is great, similar to things we've seen so far obviously but still promising, hopefully the marketing gets more people aware that this exists, 500 thousand or so people watching doesn't seem to match normal game marketing view numbers.


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Game looks awesome and I'm definitely gonna get it. However what I don't like that much is the way there's always someone constantly talking to you during a mission and it also seems like the villains can do that. Just like Kinzie was constantly giving you orders in SR4 and Dane in GooH. But I guess that's just me being a bitch.
I love every thing I see about this game I already love it as much as sr2 ,which is something I originally felt was impossible to catch up with, and I have NEVER been so hyped for a game. Can't wait till August!

[V] IdolNinja

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