After so many years, I have finally been able to extract the entire model of the female Morningstar soldiers

Never thought this would've been possible, especially how seeing even really experienced modders had trouble extracting models but finally got it done

Clara Low quality.png
Lilian Low Quality Picture.png
Zoey Picutre Low Quality.png
Nice, planning to upload these models anywhere?

Most likely RE4 remake or Final Fantasy Remake. I was actually able to export these models before already but just the body and not the face. My friend was able to have people mod it into re2 and re3 remake. The jill monrgstar mod was a pretty good success. It has 16.9k downlaods

Heres the links to the mods
I meant upload the file for 3d model programs

As for mods I think Street Fighter 6 which has the same engine as those Resident Evils would be pretty good, and when the game fully comes out somebody might even get it working on the custom character
Oh actually have uploaded these models here. You can check that link for them!