Adding Textures

Hello. If possible, can someone please give a (detailed) example of how to add texture to an existing custmesh, using SR3 Texture Tools. I don't know if this is possible or not, but I'm trying to add "sleeves" or a sleeve texture to the bare arms when wearing the "Miss Mischief" superhero costume for SRIV. I'm trying to do a Superman mod, without having to change my character skin blue, with facial makeup (as seen below).
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Thanks for the link, but I am familiar with using the texture tool to unpack and repack the files, and use to re-texture the dds files. However there is a tool called SR3 AddPack Files that I can't figure out. I read the "read me" file that comes with the tool, but I still don't understand how to apply it the textures I want to add.