About Making Cheats for Unlockables. SRIV

I noticed that the additional cheats thing adds in a lot of spawning abilities. But, I was wondering...Are there cheats that unlocks actual unlockables? Since there are several vehicles that can be acquired through unlockables (The purple recursor and cyrus VTOL) that I would actually like to have, but adding them through the actual cheat eats up a slot in the garage... Would there be a way to make a cheat that unlocks the locked stuff rather than adds the vehicle so I can save some space in my garage for other things, but still get the vehicles?
I know there's the 'unlockall' option, but I don't want EVERYTHING unlocked, just a few specific things, that I honestly feel we should have gotten legitimately through game progression in the first place, since...it seems like that was what was intended in the first place.
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