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  1. Wassup my people? I created this funny series using several games and Saints Row 2 is one of the main games in the series. Its about college life at Stilwater University. The main character is a football player and frat brother and he gets into all kinds of antics. Check it out for me and let me know what you think please. You can check it out here: GET GREEN COMEDY
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  3. Usually I don't watch game mix up videos, such as yours. However you have quite the interesting way of how you mixed these games together to go perfectly with your story. So you got a Plus in my book. So what i'm saying is, Good Job! I like the way how you used sims 4 as the base for interiors based rooms. The story and games tie perfectly together on how you execute it, you'll walk to a sr2 house/building then switch over to sim4 for the interior, that was a great idea. Then when it comes to him playing football, you swap over to a football game. So again

    Good Job!, Got yourself a sub bud.
  4. Thank you so much. With so much competition on youtube I had to think of a different way to make my series unique. Glad to see that someone finally gets what I'm trying to do. Once again, thanks so much. Don't forget to get the word out to all your friends for me.
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  5. I just subscribed to your channel my friend. Thanks again.
  6. Here is the new link to my YouTube channel: GET GREEN COMEDY
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  8. @getgreen27 Did you know there is an "Edit" button on every post you make? I suggest you should use it more often. I know sometimes I fail to noticed the "Edit" too on some of my posts too. Great video by the way, keep it going!
  9. Thanks for watching my series. I do use the edit button on my post. Am I not using it correctly? I like your mods by the way. I'm going to use your HQ texture pack soon. Hopefully on episode 8.
  10. What she is saying is don't keep bumping your own post so much making new comments, just edit your original thread or first comment to have what you want to say next. Because commenting so many times over and over is called bumping your topic when nobody has replied back to your last comment. So instead just edit your original thread or last placed comment. Now if somebody replied such as my self, you may comment back.
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