a map mod.

The purpose of this mod is to showcase what's currently possible.

This is very, very broken but it marks some kind of milestone. I built a g_chunk file from exported models. Go say hi to rayman. I'll post something in the chunk thread tomorrow.


  • sr2_its_a_map_mod.7z
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I still don't understand it, even though I'm looking at it.

But bravo. Nicely done.
My friend, the guy who is making these mods is pioneering some extra special shit. That premium goodness. First a wireframe Rayman then Peach's castle. If he gets good enough, he could start adding in more and better map elements. Maybe he could work on the renovated Old Stillwater you wanted. Maybe he could put in a working model of a DeLorean we both wanted. That's all dream fodder at the moment but theoretically possible.