7 Compliments and 5 Insults Equipped – Testers Requested

Beta 0.1

I’d appreciate it if a few people could check for bugs in this dance mod, Get Down and Boogie for Saints Row the Third.

The SR3 version will allow a player to have a choice of 7 compliments and 5 insults available, instead of 1 and 1. When you hit the compliment button, SR3 randomly picks one of your 7 chosen animations to play. When you hit insult, it picks one of the 5 chosen animations to play.

Note: The animations in these files don’t represent what the mod will eventually be. They’re just tests. The end-mod will include a self-service version, with instructions on how to easily create your own preferred animation set.

You won’t be able to change your animations at Image as Designed unfortunately. The animation set is configured in the files – some are compliments/insults, some are NPC animations.

Right now the question is how big the pool of animations is for all players. When the SR4 version was made, there were problems due to differences between users’ preload_anim.vpp_pc files (my old 2013 version was big and had animations that other users didn’t have). The preload_anim file can be replaced, but not everyone wants to do that as other mods can depend on that file. So I’d like to see what we can get away with.

This also changes your unarmed crouch and unarmed crouch-move animations – it gives us more slots to test with, and generally if you actually need to crouch you’ll have a gun out anyway. Crouch and your character will dance, try to move while crouched and your character will switch to another dance animation. Your armed crouch and crouch-move animations should be unaffected.

To install, place the customizable_action.xtbl in your Saints Row the Third directory, and the files plyf.xtbl and plym.xtbl in your Saints Row the Third/tables directory. Please back up any previous versions you have. If you do not have a /tables directory, create one.

We’re looking for:

1) Any T-Frame errors, where the character sticks their arms out frozen
2) NOT getting the full 7 animations from hitting Compliment and 5 animations from hitting Insult
3) Whether the replacement crouch-walk animation is stationary with only your turning affected by your controls, or if you slide all over the damn place
4) If any of the below animations show up, because they shouldn’t:

Woof Woof (one fist in the air)
Cheering (two fists in the air)
Clap Hands
Stunned (surprised, then thumbs up)
Approval (thumbs up, then looking around
Head Nod
Thumbs Up (by itself)
Eff You (the finger)
Eff You Two (double finger)
Chest Thrust
Right Hook
Nope (head shake)
Normal Crouch (unarmed)
Normal Crouch-Walk (unarmed)

If you spot a bug and reply, please advise if you’re using a male or female character as they have different animation files. If one of the above listed animations turns up, please say which one – it’ll help me zero in on the problem.

IMPORTANT: The game flicks through your taunt animations randomly. Random means Random, it doesn’t mean Plays Each Animation An Equal Number of Times. Some times you will get the same animation three times in a row. Sometimes you will do ten compliments and not get one particular animation. That’s just being Random.

Thanks in advance.


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