4K Saints Row 2

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  1. All credits go to "Modded Games" and to the mod author(s) he featured in the following.
    I take absolutely no credit, nor responsibility for the content shown down below.
    For safety, I highly recommend that you backup your game files on Steam in case
    anything makes your game not work properly.


    Please do not harass and/or cheat the YouTube user, or the mod author(s) by doing the following...
    1. Saying the link or the mod gave you (the user) viruses of any nature
    2. Constantly sending "Modded Games" ( YouTube creator) and/or the author(s) messages saying the mod
    or your game is not working... PERIOD.
    "Modded Games" and/or the mod creator have better things to do than walking you through something
    you would most likely figure out through Google.
    3. Uploading the mod to another site, or claiming that the mod is yours.
    This will most likely lead to serious ramifications and punishments for you,
    and no one wants that to happen.
    4. Not knowing what WinRar, 7zip etc. is


    The Main reason why put this video here is to show how awesome Saints Row 2
    Looks in 4K... The YouTube user Modded Games did an amazing job showcasing
    and demonstrating how much fun you can still have with a more than 10 year old game,
    with nothing but a video, and a description. I would be more of an idiot if I didn't mention the
    one(s) who created the mod (tool). Surfing on cars in a hot dog suit never looked so good.

    Thank you!

    You can find the link to the mod in the description of the video, check out this channel if you can.
    Thank you and enjoy!

    If any of this site's administrators, the creator(s) of this video, the mod author, or associate(s) want this post to be taken down, I'd be more than happy to comply... Again I did not contribute to any of the following I just wanted to
    share this piece of awesomeness.

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  2. Would this fix the overspeed by slowing the game?
  3. If you're referring to the speed glitch, then no... This mod just adds more resolutions based on monitor, and nothing else.
    If the game is going to fast, though, I'd check out (and research) Gentlemen of The Row and Powertools if you haven't already.
    Even if the resolution did manage to slow your game down, I highly doubt it would be a stable solution...
    But this tool just changes your resolution, and nothing else. I hoped this helped.
  4. Update!: I posted the wrong video. Yes I'm an idiot...
    The correct video's up above.
    Enjoy! again.
  5. To fix the overspeed you can open the command prompt (right click, open as administrator) and type "bcdedit /set useplatformclock true" then restart your computer. The game will run at the speed it's supposed to (although doing this has adverse effects on other games, SRTT for example stutters a bit for example).
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