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3rd Street Saints Automatic Backup.

Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by Unpopular Asian Guy, Jan 18, 2016.

  1. This mod is for someone who is tired of taking on the Zin by themselves. With this mod, the 3rd Street Saints will act like real life gang members: come to aid their leader at anytime, anywhere. When you are under attack by the Zin (notoriety), the Saints will automatically drive into the combat zone and aid you. Since their job is to provide distraction more than firepower, you shouldn't rely too much on them because this mod make the Zin grunt spawn a lot more than your backup.

    -When you are being attacked, only Zin grunts will appear until you reach notoriety level 5 where their UFOs , Marauders and tanks will start to spawn.
    -Air support you will come to help you during level 5, but the Saints will only ride XORs. I have tried other attack helicopters but they don't seem to attack the enemies at all, they just hover around the city and do nothing but I will work more on this . Xor is the only vehicle they actually use to attack their enemies.
    -This mod is compatible with GPZ's Enhanced Gang Customization mod. (I use his character.xtbl to make this mod)
    -This is the official release of this mod.

    Some preview pictures:

    1.A Saint member using a turret fending off the Zins coming out of the portal...
    ...then succeed in blowing up a Zin's Void

    2. The Saints arrive in a Hammer, in the background lies a dead Saint:

    3. 2 Saints using Xors to attack a Zin's Destructor but destroy an Assert instead:

    3 (1).png

    Then they continue to wreck the entire Zin army. The Saint on the right was just a second away from being hit by a Void's missile when I captured this image.


    The xor he was riding start to burn in flame but he still try to kamikaze an enemy Void as he was about to explode. The crazy thing is he did suceed in the suicide bombing but I wasn't able to capture the image.


    4. As the Zin and the Saint engage in fierce combat, professor Genki decide to join the fight and wreck both team:

    5. The Zin managed to kill Genki and completely outnumber the boss. Genki was crushed under the tank so you can't see him.


    6. The Saints trying to stand their ground with everything they got:


    7. And the cavalry arrives at the scene. Using the tank cannon to blow up a Zin's Void and continue to help the Saints fight the Zin as the battle continue to turn the street red:


    8. The anti tank team come in to fend off incoming Zin's Air Force:





    Have fun going to war with the Zin.

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  2. Awesome! can you port it to Saints Row: The Third? because it's boring watch your Saints fight against Cop without vehicles
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  3. I think this mod work just fine with Shitface's mod without any merging. Since I'm using this mod with Shitface's mod without any problems.
  4. The notoriety_spawn file in Saints Row 3 is really confusing to me. It's not as easy to understand as
    in Saints Row 4 so i can't really promise.
  5. Really amazing mod. Better than when your homies only use rifles and cars to fight against law enforcement. So amazing.


    Couldn't you use Gat's AI code when he used a Tornado as a basis for the air support?
  6. Now that you mention, I think I should try that as well.

    Edit: No good bro. I think the attack code only apply to your enemies only. Thanks for the advice anyway.
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  7. Just refresh the page. For people who are lazy to check out the remaining pages.
  8. @Unpopular Asian Guy, I want to request something for a notoriety mod! I'm wonder if you can make:

    1. While you're almost constantly in Zinyak's aliens view while having notoriety (which is nearly impossible to avoid in Level 2 or higher), notoriety will randomly raise itself at all, also with those tons of Zin aliens constantly chasing near you, you cannot get notoriety meter do count down! I'm wonder if you can make the notoriety meter do raise only if you're killing anyone, but if your NOT killing anyone, to can get notoriety meter do start counting down (like it was in Saints Row 2 and The Third) no matter if there are still any Zinayk soldiers / aircrafts or Zin patrols? Because currently those upgrades for losing notoriety faster are useless with current notoriety state where it will NOT going down even if you're NOT attacking / killing anyone within Simulation???
    2. Can make attacking both civilians and Zinyak's aliens and soldiers do gives less notoriety?
    3. Make somehow on level 2 through 5 of notoriety, Zin portals do drops also Super Saints Backups with powers along with the normal Zins aliens / Murderbots and those backups Super Saints do defeat Zin aliens with weapons / powers? Also if you can make Level 6 of notoriety do NOT remove normal peds from the streets when the Warden spawns, and make portals do still spawn with normal Zin aliens and Super Powered Backups together via them? Or if this cannot be done, then do disable Level 6 notoriety.

  9. Request accepted. However, please work on your grammar, mate. Your comment gave me a hard time to figure out what I was reading.
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