1. -SeaboundSaint-

    NPC Editing - A Comprehensive Guide

    Current Version: 1.0.0 With this series of .txt files, you will learn all about Saints Row 2's NPC related files. You will learn how to change the colours of the items an NPC wears, change their gameplay voice, filter in-game appearance by gender/race/character type, force specific outfit...
  2. Moff

    custmesh file list.

    I'm sure that there already has to be a list like this somewhere, but i couldn't find it. So, here. Contains the names of all the custmesh-xxx.str2_pc files along with the name of meshes inside them, their corresponding item entry names in customization_items.xtbl, and their in-game names...
  3. S

    Removing obscured slot from customization_items has no effect in game.

    Hi guys. Simply the title question; I am editing the customization_items in personal mods folder from GOTR and re-patching. I've edited all instances of customization_items I can find to the state of the image attatched. As you see the obscured slot remains obscured on the Track Hot Pants. Any...
  4. Octavia

    SOLVED Fixing the Wild Child skirt's weird black transparancy and texture issues when cloning/packing

    Hey hey hey ehye ehyeyeyye I manually cloned an item and edited the transparancy on a DX5 diffuse map for a cloned item, it was already DX5 with ALPHA flag enabled by default in the game, so I made more of it transparent than it was originally... ..but now all the transparent parts are black...
  5. -=SoA=- [Dirty Dan]

    Agents of Mayhem - Using .xtbl or .lua files

    Does the engine still accept .xtbl or .lua files in say the root directory like the previous saint row games?
  6. Gamyr

    How do I properly open .xtbl files in Notepad++?

    I have a question. How do you get the correct formatting for .xtbl files in Notepad++? I opened one, but it was all bunched together. :eek: What am I doing wrong? :confused: Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Blarzek

    Merge two .xtbl files

    Could you help me to merge two customization_items.xtbl files please? I have seen many post of people saying it is easy to do, but I don't know and need help with a noob-proof tutorial. Thank you so much in advance.
  8. Quantum

    Have you used Volition's Table File Editor?

    I'm just curious to ask, how many people here have used or even know about Volition's Table File Editor for editing xtbl files? Here's an example of what it looks like when editing the Cheats table ("cheats.xtbl"): It's been available to modders for three years, but I wondered how many...