vehicle mod

  1. F

    replace gang vehicles?

    Is it possible to replace the default vehicles of the customization gang? by a bear instead of a standard car for example
  2. Ronin

    Zin Hovercars

    Description Adds the regular and turreted versions of the Assert from Saints Row IV. They should be automatically added to your garage. Installation Drop all files into your root folder Known Issues - Bullets pass through the cars (projectiles work fine) - Transparency breaks when the cars are...
  3. Singa

    AB Destroyer - Free Aim

    In a game where the VTOL reigns supreme over the skies above Steelport, the AB Destroyer is an aircraft usually overlooked and ignored, so I tried to make the plane more useful and fun to use. This mod allows you to use freely shoot the AB Destroyer's rockets in any direction instead of...
  4. CyrusLight

    Vehicles Enter Mid-Air Mod

    One thing I noticed that was a pity while playing was the inability to hop into a vehicle mid-air. Realistic? No but SR3 isn't exactly known for that. Would there be any way to program a mod where the "enter vehicle" was both possible and had priority over the "parachute" so when close enough...
  5. Singa

    Actual Fire Truck

    What's a fire truck without any fire? The polar opposite to my recent mod: This mod allows you to use the cannon on top of the fire truck, emphasis on the "fire" part. It is basically a weaker, yet more mobile version of the Gatmobile's flamethrower. It is still powerful, and unlike the...
  6. Singa

    Functioning Fire Truck

    Were you also disappointed when getting into a Blaze for the first time in SRTT, only to realize that you couldn't use its waterspray, despite having an icon for it in the hud? This mod re-enables the firetruck's watercannon that was removed from SRTT. It works similarly to SR2's, letting you...