time of day

  1. ThatsMe

    List of LUT's

    List of colors lookup tables also known as LUT's They can be used inside .todx files, i have directly extracted all names from skybox.vpp_pc. Example <lut_filename>lut_classicday</lut_filename> List lut_2d lut_3count lut_alienzone_night lut_alienzone_noon lut_andyc lut_bandw lut_blue_pd...
  2. F

    SR2 Visual Overhaul Mod

    SR2 VISUAL OVERHAUL MOD This mod aims to improve the visual quality of SR2 while still being as faithful to the original game as possible. It also makes other adjustments such as increasing ped density, improving draw distance, increasing skybox boundaries, and makes debris last much longer...
  3. ReborN07

    ReborN's Skybox - A time of day mod for Saints Row: The Third

    So shitface made a mod called "Alternate Times of Day & Weather" (https://www.saintsrowmods.com/forum/threads/alternate-times-of-day-weather.538/) which was 8 years ago. I always wanted to change the skybox of SR3 but the problem is I don't know how to. I just downloaded his mod because I taught...