1. 3rdStreetSaint 212

    Activities & Missions Saints For Hire

    I love roaming Steelport with all my favorite Homies, I love it even more when someone calls me up for an impromptu Survival. But two things suck about these. A: Cooldown timers After dismissing a Homie, I can't call them up for what feels like way too long. After completing a Survival, they...
  2. V

    Activities & Missions Start Survive activities manually

    I request a mod that changes the way survivals are started. So, instead to getting a random phonecall that forces player to do a survival no matter if player wants or not, there's to be a mod that puts a marker at every survival location on Steelport's map. In this state, each survival's...
  3. Elgato

    Activities & Missions Proper zombie survival mod

    A mod where entire steelport is filled with a fixed number of zombies and you get limited supplies (ammo and weapons) scattered around the map and you have to kill all the zombies to pass the mission.I want it to be like the open world survival game that can be played with your coop partner. If...