1. cediegreyhat

    SuperSonic Mod

    SuperSonic Mod *This is a mod for SRTT*(PC Only) Mod Features -Supersonic Speed(literally fast sprint) -supersonic swimming -faster fire spread animation(its to fast to notice) -other shit too (i added hidden features just find it) -Time Control(Next Update) -Walkthrough walls(Next Update)...
  2. kiloslaa2988

    sr 4 mass kill blow mod

    I decided to make a mass strike mod, I changed the passive chance of the buff effect on impact by 100%, and now if you turn on the lightning, then an invisible chain reaction will take place on the area, I want to add that this is my Tweak_Table.xtbl file, which is mixed many other details not...
  3. SRFanboy

    Remove super powers from homies

    Would be pretty cool to remove super powers (but keep their outfit) from super homies. Or if possible, just add normal homies and keep super homies(with powers). Thanks in advance.
  4. Fan of Saints

    Sandbox+ - Things To Do In Steelport Edition

    Sandbox+ - Things To Do In Dominatrix Edition (for SR IV) --> DESCRIPTION <-- This is my completely reworked version of Sandbox+, originally exclusive to Things To Do In Steelport mod pack. It's based on my Sandbox+ - Things To Do In Dominatrix Edition for Saints Row IV but I also added several...
  5. Ariana

    SOLVED Replacing superpower trail

    I saw a video someone replaced superpower trails into dubstep gun effect. trails, i mean those lines streching from hands and foot while mid-air/melee attack. sadly, i can't remember where the video was. i've searched forum with every keyword i can think of, but none of them lead me to the...