srtt remaster

  1. SebTheSamMarten

    No More Near-Immortality

    Ever get to the end game and go 'Man, kinda boring now that I have all of the upgrades and literally can't die...'? Why should an "upgrade" feel like a punishment? I feel this way, especially since there is no New Game+/Mission Theater option in SRTT. That's why I offer you a choice. This mod...
  2. SebTheSamMarten

    Gloveless Candy Girl Tank Top

    You will need to download SpecialK in order to use this mod. • Download SpecialK here, create a folder in My Documents labeled 'My Mods' (if you do not already have one) and extract SpecialK into this folder. • Run the program, find Saints Row The Third: Remastered in the library tab and launch...
  3. K3rhos

    SR3MP - Multiplayer Mod

    SR3MP Project Presentation • What is SR3MP ? SR3MP is a multiplayer project for SRTTR (Saints Row The Third Remastered) working for Steam, Epic & GOG version of the game, started in May 2021 this project is here to bring back Saints Row on the scene ! • When SR3MP will be available for...
  4. Singa

    Female Cops

    This mod adds female cops to the Steelport PD. They're basically the cop strippers with the police color scheme (or SWAT to be specific since police makes their uniforms white), but I think it fits Steelport pretty well. Inspired by BadMadScientist's Notoriety: male and female cops, and...
  5. Singa

    Cypher Homie

    This is a WIP that adds Cypher as a homie to your cellphone, she doesn't replace another homie but is a new entry in the file. So far she uses a placeholder name and description, in the cellphone. She is called "SUIT - ULTOR ASSASSIN" with a matching description and uses a female Saints icon...