1. M

    New Laser Sniper Mod

    This Mod Add Mcmanus Laser Version in game and the laser looking glitched because dont support sniper but i add it ( i hope Maybe i can add new things in this mod in the next days ) Instructions: Extract the .RAR with winRAR, and simply place the files in your MODDERS folder in GOTR, then...
  2. MadeOfPuddin

    Move Sniper to Rifles

    Description Moves the McManus 2010 to the Rifles slot Screenshots Installation Drop all files into your root folder Files _a_ga_dt_03_modal.str2_pc - Changes the forced weapon slot during Guardian Angel (Kinzie) from Special to Rifle _a_ga_nw_01_modal.str2_pc - Changes the forced weapon...
  3. Singa

    Use Fine Aim With Sniper Rifle & Togo-13

    This mod allows you to fine aim with the McManus 2015 Sniper Rifle and the Togo-13. You can fine aim like with most other weapons by right clicking and then use the scroll wheel to enter scoped mode. I also added 2 more zoom stages to the Sniper Rifle to make using the scope on mid-range better...

    Female Animation Replacements and Fixes

    plyf.xtbl edited by MLVNRT ___________________ Description: Featuring an animation mod that replaces the original pistol sprint animation with the unarmed female sprint animation. This mod only works for female characters. Male character animations will not change. Additional changes...