1. Singa

    GooH | Better Defined Muscles

    This mod enables the muscle map on your character even if the muscle slider is at zero, this way you can have regular sized limbs and abs at the same time. To play as a custom character in Gat out of Hell, you will need Zopiahh's V6 - Cheats + Phone + Store menu in Gat out of Hell...
  2. Blackcr0wned

    Skinny & Abs (100%) | Skinny & more Skinny | Abs & more Abs | etc. - How you like it!

    Hey there! I created a little "mod" that changes your abs/muscles to more (I would say 100%) while staying skinny. You can use this for female and male characters, but on male ones (100% skinny) the abs are too much. Also works on a setting without 100% skinny, just try it out. And of course...