1. J

    Character Customization Can anyone make a mod were we can play as dex

    somebody used his model in game and i dont know to get him as a playable character
  2. Vlad Viper

    New Dubstep Gun Music

    I made a mod that replaces all the base game tracks and skins for the dubstep gun. The songs used: Arsenal Pyramid - Interior - Tomoya Ohtani Friends - Hyper Potions Vs. Metal Sonic (Stardust Speedway Bad Future JP) - Naofumi Hataya The design of the skins are based on the character Infinite...
  3. D

    Always Neutral Skin

    Always smooth skin =================================================== What does this do? It's simple. It replaces the Skinny, Fat and Muscular.tga files with the Ideal.tga. This means your skin will remain the same when you change the weight of your character. Why did I do this? Basically I...
  4. Singa

    Saints Row IV - New Minigun Designs

    This mod makes the minigun from Saints Row: The Third available as a new costume for the Heavy Minigun from the Enter the Dominatrix DLC. It serves as sort of a followup to my previously released mod for Saints Row 2 which gives the minigun in that game a Brotherhood-like design. You can find...
  5. DominatorLegend

    Does someone keep a copy of this mod?

    Hi all, I'm trying to get this Workshop mod about Rei's skin (, but unfortunately the author did not make it a part of the subscription, so downloading it from MEGA is a necessity. The problem is that the files were deleted and...
  6. Admixon

    Even More Skin Colors

    My next colorful mod for this amazing game. It adds 154 new skin colors for GoTR version. Screenshots Installation 1. Install GoTR first (required!) HERE 2. Download More Skin Colors.rar file and open it with WinRar or 7zip 3. Extract player_creation_skin_colors.xtbl and...
  7. Tomodoki

    Zero Suit Samus Skin Mod (Nice Version)

    Updates to come - Dark Suit Samus Images (v1.0) Requirements ASM Updater is REQUIRED to install this mod (found in tool section). Without it you will end up with Saints Row the Third Forever Loading Simulator. You can also remove the censoring in-game to see the whole suit. (If you need a...
  8. Gogeta007yBro

    Team Fortress 2 weapons skins

    Like my title says... and what the DLC was. For the Incinerator and the RPG. Just like in this image: If it can be, thanks for making it, and if it can't, thanks for reading this.
  9. H

    DubStep/ Music changer

    Can someone make a editable Saint Row IV music changer. Playing the same song get tiresome. Somewhat the same mod like for Saint row 3 where you have to use an audio player and change it song.
  10. D

    Derby Smith Tattoo Workshop

    Hey, I really like to make tattoos for SR2, so tell me what tattoo that you want and I will make it :)
  11. Ariana

    Polka dot or Pink themed weapon skins

    I wanted Polka dot shokolov AR & Raynolds .50 HMG(Thumpgun costume). similar to the SWAT SMG polka dot which included in vanilla game. I tried a whole day making one myself but the texture won't show up in game :( So, here's the request to those who generous enough to use their time and tallent...