1. BeeDaWolfie

    New Game Plus "Like" Save File {Requires All DLC}

    Wasn't sure how to share this as its not in the realm of traditional mod. Just a save file right before Take Me To Church meant to make replaying saints row less of a grind and also to help bypass some common bugs like certain weapons ability not being unlockable after save reload by me grinding...
  2. P

    Saves that are corrupted

    Hello, I got SRTT on steam yesterday and I installed a 100% save. When I loaded into the game it says it is corrupted on invalid. Please help.
  3. Amy Vedrina

    Here is my save file :)

    here is my savefile Amy's Save feel free to use it :) no MODS
  4. ColbyDash

    Ultimate 100% Save

    I've been meaning to create a save like this for a while but hey look ma, I did it! Now you won't have to worry about if all upgrades have already been bought or if a shit ton of clothes have already been bought as well. Anyways here's the description of my save: Unlike any other 100% completed...
  5. synti

    SR IV GOG save file location?

    I just bought Saints Row IV and i'm downloading it atm on GOG. i'm planning on getting 100% save file, but idk where is gog save file location?