1. ColbyDash

    Ultimate 100% Save

    I've been meaning to create a save like this for a while but hey look ma, I did it! Now you won't have to worry about if all upgrades have already been bought or if a shit ton of clothes have already been bought as well. Anyways here's the description of my save: Unlike any other 100% completed...
  2. I

    Save Request

    Is anyone willing to provide a save that is past the intro? It would be very much appreciated.
  3. Egoista

    Save file please?

    does anyone have 100% save file in .sr4_pc format? I have tried older save files and doesnt work whatever i do. Its legit SR4 GOTC edition
  4. Trust And Bust

    Need a save file

    Sorry if this is a little specific but: A few days ago I had to reinstall Windows because I swapped my secondary HDD(Windows fucking installed boot files on there - not so good when the drive is dying). Anyway I deleted my SR2 save with it, as it was installed on the SSD for obvious reasons. I...
  5. here for the nude mods

    Save with all Activities and Diversions complete

    Hi, I thought I'd upload a save I made with all Activities and Diversions completed but no Missions completed beyond Three Kings, in case anyone wants to play through the game with every unlockable but without the annoying grind to unlock them. I've also collected every CD, Tag and Barnstorm but...
  6. Gamyr

    100% flagged save?

    Is there a 100% complete save with the cheat flag ON since the beginning? I'd like to just play around with the game, but I don't want to profit (by getting achievements that I don't have) from somebody elses work. Thanks, Gamyr